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  Career as Financial Consultant





Be part of a caring team


If you think helping people around you to be better is a good thing to do...


If you think educating people with beneficial information is a good thing to do...


If you think being part of the solutions to the community around you is a good thing to do...


If you think spending some time mingling around people (choose the good ones) is a good thing to do...


If you have the empathy to see other people sufferings as something you might want to help in one way or other...


If you suspect this may turn out to be your lifetime career and role to play in the world that needs someone to keep it turning...


We welcome you with open warms to be part of our Financial Consultant team.


Because it is a good thing to do.








Send us your resume at partner@al-kafala.com

We will get in touch with you sooner than you expect.






What you can be sure
when you be part of
you are not only
values to others
but you are delivering
values to upgrade yourself

Everyone has 24 hours
in a day

Some build a dynasty
Some just live day to day
Some end up
worse than the beginning

Doing the right thing
Into the right job
Practise the right profession
with passion& vision
makes the man

If you think you can

Say "I do" today
And fall in into
our noble march

Careline +6 03 5523 8066

Financial Planning
has never been Simpler



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