The most seek after Fire Takaful is here

Why let your house or office

under the risk of LOSING?



Have you seen someone's life like this?

  • Lose everything at all in a fire?

  • Loss of personal or business properties after an undesired act of God?

  • Loss of personal or business properties after riots or malicious acts?

  • And other disasters which you can hardly image but not impossible?


To avoid pains of these kinds is a responsibility for you and family

It is not a choice matter or interested-or-not matter


Avoid unnecessary losses and damages caused by fire, lightning or domestic gas explosion with our fire takaful package benefits. where not only the office and resident premises is protected but all the contents in your office and your house. You may also extend the coverage for riots, impact damages and others.


Enjoy the invaluable peaceful feeling for safety for yourself, your family, and your staff colleagues, so everyone can live the best and do the best they ever can.



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