Why is the government offering tax exemptions?

What are the things which are tax exempted?

Why is your tax not exempted?



Don't run away from tax


Administering and developing a country is not an easy task.

Managing huge amount of money for countless financial needs is a heavy responsibility.


A country collects tax from its citizens who earn income in order to have sufficient sources to finance development in a country.

A citizen who enjoys facilities in the country and hopes to see better advancement needs to have good commitment in ensuring his contribution in tax to the country in order for betterments to take place.


In order to put certain aspects in control, tax has become one of the effective instrument used.

Certain purchases are exempted from tax so citizens are motivated to make those purchases.


Citizens who are ignorant towards tax-related information are often paying higher taxes not only because they make purchases less beneficial to them but also leave out purchases highly recommended by the government.



Pay your tax wisely


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