Annual meet-up with customer.

Financial Planning is not Once-In-A-Lifetime matter.

It changes all the time.



You are the reason why we're with you


Raudhah does not exist without you, your trust and your support.

We believe helping you achieving the best is the best road we should take.


As the saying goes,

"Success is a journey, not a destination"


A careful financial planning is a continuous process instead of a setting that lasts forever.

Therefore, we believe our efforts to have regular discussion with you is deemed necessary.

Because changes are always happening.

Our family, our career, our ambition, progress in each of our family members and the surrounding factors change all the time.

All these cause consequential changes in our financial aspects, probably at minimal level and not impossibly at great extent.


The needs for Medical. The needs for Education. The needs for Savings. The needs for preparation for Retirement. Will Arragement. And others.

All these have to leap accordingly in order to cope with latest challenges in our lives.

Reviewing the financial planning is then necessary so we will take immediate measures towards each change, especially if you fall into the category of busy-all-time with your career and have NO TIME to spare to hand on with small matters that pop up in daily life, which turn out to be something IMPORTANT BUT NOT PRIORITISED.

These small pop-ups may be good inspirations for our well-being if are given proper attention, but also could turn into undesired disasters in our lives if left unattended to.


Fix a day. Take an hour. Relax. Free your mind. Take a sip from the coffee cup between us.

Our lives need to be observed, arranged and strategised to become great happenings.

Your're in our invitation list :-)



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