As low as RM3 for journey of 5 days 4 nights.

Attending wedding in a group? School or office trip?

Have them covered with Takaful!



Basic and simple matters

                                    which are left unattended


Not switching on your car alarm before leaving the car park?

Not getting a good rope to tie up your cow after buying the cow?


All the above examples are tawakkal - to submit to God what is going to happen while praying for the best.

Initial effort has been made but tawakkal too early.

There is still something that needs to be done.

Moreover, it is so easy to get it done.


Same goes for a trip that has been planned carefully.

Don't forget about the safety of those joining along the journey.


With just a little bit more effort, what we do before that become so complete and worthwhile.



Only 30 minutes. Done!


An email or a fax is all that is needed.

Make sure Raudhah is where you would go for when you need a Travel Takaful.



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