One of the lowest Wasiat administration costs in the market



Why a Wasiat is necessary?

  • Nominations via Wasiat document will make management and asset administration tasks easier

  • An opportunity to voice up intention in asset distribution for the sake of family welfare on the whole

  • Ensure the future of the loved ones with intended distribution

  • Credible guardian assignment via Wasiat is crucial in determining welfare of underage children

  • Minimise psychological burden born by rightful heirs in managing the asset


The best you can get


With the low fee in Wasiat writing, great savings in Wasiat keeping, and one of the lowest fees in the market for Wasiat administration, you can be rest assured that your Wasiat writing will be accomplished professionally, reasonably charged, and executed according to your will without flaw.


The company we are representing is one of most experienced Wasiat administrators in Malaysia.



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