Focus on the treatment

because all the costs are already paid for you "Cashlessly"



What is "Cashless"?


Hospital bill payment which is done directly by the Takaful company to the hospital.

It is crucial in facilitating financially as no deposit is needed when one is warded.

It is extremely helpful as there is also no bill to pay when one is discharged from the hospital.



Do not let ONE sickness finishes off your savings


We're aware that medical costs are on the rise. It's not surprising if a minor surgery costs tens of thousands ringgit.

If not ready, this cost may cause you to lose a big part of your savings, or even to go into debts.


With the medical card offered at Raudhah, the peaceful feeling you enjoy is the ultimate peaceful feeling.

This medical card which is based on Takaful concept offers comprehensive scopes of coverage at extremely reasonable price.

This medical card is what you shouldn't live without if health guarantee for whole family is one of your serious concerns.



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