High coverage with low contribution



A product specially designed to help you save


Takaful Harmoni is the anwer to what you seek.


Because this plan offers high benefits with low contribution, you save from getting the similar coverage with a lower contribution relative to other products in the market. Compare our rate with other Takaful plans, and you will agree to this statement.


You are not saving only from the rate, but also saving here because at Raudhah, we draft for your family coverage by selecting only the best of its category for each aspect of your concerns. This will enable each component benefit your family to the optimum level, instead of buying "ready-made" products which is not actually matching your requirements.


Moreover, you will be receiving a sum of your savings in your Takaful plan when your plan matures. Takaful is recognised as one of the most effective financial channels in accumulating successful savings.


Takaful Harmoni is suitable for income guarantee or retirement planning.



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