Purchases of general insurance is permissible for Muslims

However it is a better and wiser choice

for Muslims to opt Takaful for their vehicles



Insurance vs Takaful for vehicle

  • It is based on tariff set by the government. There is no price difference between the two.

  • Similar claim procedures in case of undesired events

  • Insurance operates on basis of profit-loss, while Takaful operates in the presence of Tabarru'at fund

  • To ensure its financial flow is abiding to syarak requirements, Takaful is monitored by Syariah Committee


Yet, Insurance and Takaful are DIFFERENT

Refer Fatwa from JAKIM here

  • Takaful is a financial instrument that is gaining global attentions nowadays

  • We strongly recommend Takaful! It has the halal recognition which brings good to everyone


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