First Class Medical Card for as low as RM2 a day?

Do not stop believing that there're still best and cheapest things around.



What we can do with RM2 in a day?

  • It isn't enough to buy 4 stickes of Sate Kajang

  • It isn't enough to get a plate of Maggi Goreng Mamak

  • It isn't enough to pay for parking in Kuala Lumpur city centre

Medical Card is not a pet meant for the very-rich.

It is something we should not live without in our daily life.

Medical threat applies to everyone regardless of age - is not a myth.



With only RM2 a day, you're covered from medical treatment costs of RM30,000 which may be a cost to bear for you and your family.

Is it worthwhile to have to raise RM30,000 for unexpected medical treatment because you're trying to "save" RM2/day for a Medical Card which consists of comprehensive healthcare promises?



Option A:

List 20 sources you can get (borrow + seek for donation) RM30,000 confidently in case of the needs for RM30,000 medical costs becomes reality.


Option B:

Spend the little RM2 a day on the Medical Card, and go ahead to enjoy the peacefulness you have generously laid for your family.



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