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Many business owners feel business insurance is an expense they cannot afford, or is a luxury for more established businesses. Although it is true business insurance can be expensive, it is an expense every business, regardless of the industry, size or length of time in existence, needs to include in its budget.


Catastrophic Loss

Business insurance protects a business from closing due to a catastrophic loss. When a company carries insurance against these types of losses, closure and loss are only temporary instead of permanent. Companies should always consider business interruption insurance, a rider on their business insurance policy, to ensure continued cash flow for the duration of a closure due to a natural disaster.



If a customer slips and falls while on your business premises or your product has a defect that injures a customer and you do not have insurance, this could spell the end of your business. If a company car is involved in an accident and someone is injured, that could be disastrous as well. Business liability insurance covers accidents that occur on the business premises, product defects and mishaps that occur during normal business operations on and off premises.



A new business is a big target for thieves. New computers, furniture and other office equipment is worth more at a pawn or chop shop than older equipment. Even older businesses that have just undergone renovations and upgrades are a target. Replacement insurance protects a business in the event equipment is stolen, replacing the missing items and paying for repairs from damage caused by the invasion.



We live in a litigious society. Even the most frivolous lawsuit can be costly to defend; and in the event a business ends up on the losing end of a lawsuit, the awarded damages could exceed the business's capabilities to pay. Depending on the business entity structure, not only the business assets, but also the owner's personal assets could be at risk. Business liability insurance, malpractice insurance or professional liability insurance will cover at least part, if not all, of any damages.


Personal Injury or Illness

Business owners should have personal insurance as well. Medical insurance will ensure medical bills incurred due to an illness or injury will not wipe out a business's assets.





Good luck
& positive thinking
will probably not
protect your business
from losses

Unexpected events happen
even to the
most conscientious
business owners

the one thing
your business
should not
go on without

You arrive at work one morning
to find that all of your
computer equipment
has been stolen

A customer slips
on a just-washed floor
in your office
and breaks her ankle

If you think
insurance is expensive

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