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Financial Planning for Today's Needs

Over the last few years, financial planning and personal finance have emerged as buzzwords of sorts. Newspapers, magazines, television channels and just about every one under the sun seem to be talking about the importance of financial planning. So what is financial planning; more importantly, does it merit the attention that it is being given?


Financial planning is a process through which an individual can chart a roadmap to meet expected and unforeseen needs in life. Simply put, the intention is to take necessary steps to ensure that the individual is equipped to accomplish what he has set out to achieve and is prepared to deal with contingencies as well.


And yes, the importance of financial planning (especially in the present scenario) cannot be overstated. Among others, two factors are responsible for the same, respectively inflation and changing lifestyles.



Principles of Financial Planning
At its core, financial planning is not a very difficult task. All it takes is discipline and religious adherence to the principles of financial planning.


Discipline has a part to play at every stage, from setting objectives to actually executing the plans that are meant to achieve those objectives. In fact, an adhoc approach while dealing with finances is one of the major reasons for the financial distress that individuals find themselves in.


Setting objectives, investing in line with one's risk appetite and asset allocation are some of the fundamental principles of financial planning.


In conclusion, it can be stated that achieving financial nirvana isn't as difficult as it is often made out to be. To get there, all one needs to do is, stick to the basics of financial planning.






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