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Why pay more
when you have
the choice to save?
Be smart!

Unreasonable loadings
in your insurance?
We are here
to help you
get rid of them all

Slow claim processing?
You need
a reliable service agency
who is familiar with
each stage of claim

Part-time agent
can never serve you well

Need more information?
Talk to us!

Careline +6 03 5523 8066

Financial Planning
has never been Simpler




          A B O U T   T H E   V E H I C L E


          Vehicle No.


          Engine No.


          Chassis No.


          Make and Model


          Cubic Capacity (cc)


          Year Manufactured



           Additional Driver NRIC and Full Name



A B O U T   T H E   O W N E R


Registered Under Name of


NRIC / Company No.

as stated in Registration Card


Cell Phone No.


Email Address


Postal Address


Payment Mode

(no payment is required until quotation is agreed)

          Bank Transfer

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